The Ekka - House Sit at Sandgate

"What's life without whimsy?" Dr Sheldon Cooper - Big Bang Theory

Have I mentioned that I love a touch of whimsy? Well our walk along the foreshores at Sandgate or were we at Brighton by this stage? I have no idea. Anyway, our walk led us to a heart warming touch of whimsy. I loved that Rick brought a mini Ekka to the Beach (wherever we were).

Rick, I loved the book you left for people to write in too.

Kevin's favourite was the horse and the size of what followed on the far side of the concrete circle. I think mine was the wood chopping - although I did love the size of the rooster compared to the size of the horse. Thank you Rick, you made our day.

With warm hearts we continued on our walk, and watched the kite surfers battle the waves.

I imagine kite surfing feels amazing once you know how to.

Perfect day for kite surfing

The sky was amazing too

On our walk back we spotted this statue in a front garden
we named it, woman with dog on head (or is it a cat?) (love it) (want one - with a dog).

After an hours walk, and with slightly wind burnt eye balls, we wandered back to our car, headed off around the water front and stumbled across MT Matthew Thomas. This lovely eatery is perched high above Moreton Bay in an old Masonic Hall. An interesting building, with great views, we decided to perch on their veranda and stop for lunch.

So lovely to get out of the wind and thaw out on that deck. I could sit under that bullnose awning for hours. Such friendly people at Mt Matthew Thomas - think we need to go back for breakfast before we head home.