Mauritius, Rodrigues and Beach Parties

August is a time filled with birthdays in our family, and one of the reasons that we housesit, is that we get to catch up with family who live interstate.

Thanks to the housesit we are on, we have been able to attend two family parties this month.

No we aren't in Mauritius, but the next best thing, a birthday party on the beach with our daughter-in-law who hails from Rodrigues. Rodrigues is an island just off Mauritius and from the pictures I've seen - looks so gorgeous.

Paella for the birthday girl made by her employer. Funnily enough we watched Jamie Oliver make one of these the previous night on tv - you can get his recipe here

Don't know if this is the same recipe, but I loved watching Jamie make Paella for hundreds in this.

A quick trip to Rodrigues - hopefully one day a future post from here.