Minding Maggie Easter 2014

We're minding Maggie over Easter at Northbridge

and as the weather has been so...

we popped the doggies' leads on, and went for a walk.

Northbridge is such a beautiful place to wander and before we knew it

we were at Clive Park on Sydney's Middle Harbour

we rested for a while and watched the yachts glide across the sparkling harbour...

and spotted fairy penguins swimming after a school of jumping fish... or were the fish jumping because the fairy penquins were after them?

Can you see the fairy penguins? No me either, but they are in there somewhere...

Time to head off home, past some cute gardens

... and noticed an overhead Easter Bunny keeping watch

... and took time to smell this gorgeous rose.

Maggie noticed that we should all beware of the dog (but there was none)

...then home for a much needed treat.

at first we thought someone was doing mathematical equations in the sky... until the heart appeared

However you spend this Easter weekend, may it be filled with love and friendship. So... that was our morning - how was yours?