Cowan Creek Idyll and Tango on the Waterfront

A gorgeous start to our Sydney trip at Cowan Creek

Candy soaking up some rays... how lucky we are to be staying in this little part of paradise.

We made an early start to our housesit so that we could attend the first Tango night at The Waterfront Store and Cafe at Church Point.

One of our favourite places to go while we are in Sydney

It was a cool autumn evening for the start but we all warmed up once we were on the dance floor

It was such a beautiful night in a magical place

Packed with Tango dancers and locals delighting in the dance

Ted and Mimi from A Little Buenos Aires gave a beautiful Tango demonstration. There will be more tango evenings at The Waterfront Cafe & General Store in May and June 2014 - or to learn more about tango visit Ted and Mimi's A Little Buenos Aires here

We had a lazy morning and woke up to the sight and sounds of water from our bedroom

... then a lazy morning coffee in paradise - have I mentioned ad nauseaum that we take our Nespresso coffee machine and Bodum Pavina coffee cups everywhere? (after many people asking - you can get the cups at Peters of Kensington online (they are a fabulous company to deal with). Thousands of coffee shops must have gone broke now that we mostly have coffee at home.

What a treat to have stayed here... such a peaceful, healing place to stay.

Around the corner from where we were staying is the Cottage Point Inn

- seaplanes taxi people to and fro for a magical dining experience.

It looks such a romantic way to arrive (hint, hint, my birthday idea sweetie petal pie!!!)

On with our walk and we ended up at Cottage Point Kiosk for a quick lunch - the BEST burger I've ever had... and what a spot to sit.

It is a bit of a steep wander in

...but very worth the effort

- and it's doggie friendly on the lower level outside

oh - and if you are looking for Shangri La... you'll find it here.