Windy Wellington

Wellington Point Wander
Arty Paths Inspire Reflection on Nature

On our house sits we enjoy exploring the local areas we are nearby. We use good old Google Maps to help us find places to visit, to spot waterfront walks, and cafes perched in interesting places. Google maps are so helpful to let us know the distance from the house we are staying at, and to work out how to plan our trip. If possible, we take the dog that we are minding with us on our journeys so that they have company, and we get our 'dog fix'. If the dog that we are minding doesn't like to travel or if they are old and just like to sleep a lot, we work out how far a drive is, so that we aren't away from home for too long. The other day we found Wellington Point on our map search so we headed off.

Point of View Cafe Wellington Point

It turned out to be a very windy morning, but we found a place a little protected from the buffeting behind a wonderful old Moreton Bay Fig tree. The cafe has a privileged position at the point with magnificent views all around the Bay. To have a look at the view click here to go to google maps ... next click on street view when you see the cafe sign pop up, and the camera will take you on a panoramic tour. If you haven't used street view before, once you have the page visible; place your cursor on the page; click your mouse, hold the left key down and move the mouse to the side. It doesn't matter which side and the view on the screen will move.