Minding Scarlett

This is Scarlett, she is a very beautiful Irish Terrier.

We are in Gumdale house sitting and caring for Scarlett while her family is away. Scarlett is 14 now, and rests a lot, so we don't have a lot of action shots. She likes a bit of company though so we give her pats in between her sleeps.

Scarlett needs a bit of help up and down the steps

Isn't she a treasure? I love her hairstyle. This morning we were up again with the sunrise and decided to head off to Manly Boat Harbour for our morning walk.

We were both surprised at the amount of boats in this harbour... You can't see the horizon for masts and boats, and there are so many interesting ones... apparently there is a reason for this. Manly Boat Harbour is now the largest in the southern hemisphere with over 3,000 dry standings and wet births. Click here to learn more.

I wonder if these boats could speak what stories they would tell -
or would they just be saying 'for goodness sake take me for a sail!'


There is a good track to walk or cycle along at Bayside Parklands south east of Brisbane City adjoining Moreton Bay. 'Bayside includes tidal wetlands, intertidal flats, mangroves, saltmarshes and seagrass areas. The major natural values in the area are the mangrove areas and the paperbark-eucalypt woodland remnants in the Tingalpa Creek corridor. The southern area of Bayside Parklands contains open dry eucalypt forest. Melaleuca wetlands and freshwater lagoons lie behind the creeks.' Click here for more info

On our walk around the bay we came across Cafe La Mer. Kevin wanted a quick French lesson here and wondered what La Mer means - it means the sea. It had a sign, but it was a bit perplexing as to where the cafe was...

Using our amazing deduction skills honed from watching Elementary, we decided that since the cafe sign was outside the very high fence we were standing beside, if we went through the gate that stood slightly ajar, we would somehow find a Cafe, sur la mer.

I think we're getting closer...

Quelle horreur - chez le chien... That's usually a no paw rating in our book!

But seeing how it looked tantalisingly close to the water, we went in...

It was lovely, the coffee was very yummy, the people were so friendly, the view fed our yacht owning fantasies and a couple of the boats begged to have their stories told.

They were pretty serious about this no dog thing tho...
funny I wouldn't have taken them for cat people....
AWWWW - just kidding!!