Minding Chilli

We're in Collaroy housesitting Chilli while her family are on holidays. Chilli is a very lovely border collie with such a beautiful nature. After her gorgeous family left for their holiday, we took her for wander down to Long Reef dog park.

She met a couple of friends there and this friendly boxer came over to say hi...

I love watching the antics of dogs on their outings. A little foxy kept lying in wait in the long grass only to pounce out and then run past us.

Chilli wanted to say hi, but this little puppy just wanted to play jack in the box. Don't you love how the colours marking their coats are so similar?

After playing at Long Reef Dog Park for a while we wandered along the headland to the point and as the sun started to set the near full moon was looking so lovely against the milky pink back drop of the sky.

At the headland there are some carvings and a dedication to the spirits of the place. It is a very beautiful peaceful space to visit.

To find out more about Long Reef's history, the local indigenous people who lived there and The Spirit of Long Reef visit Reef Care click here

The dedication plaque reads... The Spirit of Long Reef Headland
On a quiet peaceful night you can hear the Long Reef spirits singing in the ocean breeze. They use their beautiful voices to entice the humpback whales closer to the shore. The whales respond with their songs, that's when you can see them in the distance from the top of the headland.

The Long Reef spirits are very nurturing as they care for the whole of the Long Reef ecosystem and everything that enters into this environment. But they cannot do it all by themselves and they help from the spirit of all those who enter this place. Gordon Hockey 1997

Chilli at Long Reef Headland.

Out like a light after her walk

PS... she said to say hi to Matt and Elle and that she loves them and wishes that they were on the walk with her.