Relaxation Time

Well our time minding Chilli is nearly at an end. What a delightful dog to mind, and a beautiful home to spend time in. We are very lucky to have been asked to housesit here and have so enjoyed our stay. Chilli has taken us on one or two walks each day, and in the process we have experienced many delightful moments.

We've discovered mosaic paths, mystical playgrounds, seen cute ducks sitting in dog bowls, we've watched paragliders, and seen woven hearts swinging in Norfolk Pines as the full moon peeked over the horizon.

We've had lots of laughs at the dog antics in the dog parks and watched ball thieves scamper away with Chilli's ball. We've even seen Chilli do the same, only to return it the owner and place it down in front of them after a run. How does she know how to do that? She's so clever.

No wonder they say dogs are great for health and well being - we can all learn a lot from our doggie friends. After her walk today, Kevin gave her a little massage. We tried to capture her response to the massage in this little snippet of footage, and we've also had some giggles watching her slowly sink to the ground as she has her massage on other days.