Vivid Sydney - June 2014

We were very lucky to have been offered a housesit at Balgowlah for the June long weekend, so we took advantage of the timing to go to see Vivid Sydney again this year.

Along with thousands of other Sydneysiders, we braved a chilly winter night for the second last night of Vivid. We decided to take the ferry from Manly Wharf over to Sydney and as we pulled away from the wharf we saw a shooting star... it seemed so close, you could have been forgiven for thinking it had landed on Manly - and a sparkling sight for the start of our evening.

Eye photo via: Fort Denison Restaurant Facebook
A quick trip across the harbour and a great start to Vivid - a huge eye was projected onto Fort Denison's Martello Tower. I only wish that I'd done my homework prior to going to Vivid this year, as I would have signed up for dinner at Fort Denison.

The Opera House looks even more stunning than normal with the light projections, and the ferry gave us a great view... and it was free... I thought that the government had put on free ferries for the evening - duh, ah no, it was a ferry strike.

We got off the ferry, struggled through the crowds and walked up to Customs House. I'd never seen so many people at Circular Quay.

Enjoy a mini trip to Vivid 2014

It seemed a bit too much to try and crowd surf our way around to the far side of the harbour, and as we'd had a great view already, we turned around and took the ferry back to Manly again.

Memo to self... go earlier next year, book dinner at Fort Denison... and a boat trip... this is a stunning event.