Dinner at Waterfront Cafe

Scotland Island at dusk with the mist rolling in.

Scotland Island looked very mysterious and alluring last night as we wandered down to the Waterfront Cafe for dinner. It was a perfect time of night to go to visit, the last of the daylight was casting highlights on the yachts and the mist was just starting to roll in.

The food was fabulous, and there were lovely cozy rugs to keep out the cold. Just about the time my hands were starting to get a little chilly, the heaters were turned on to our delight. Our dinner arrived and we grazed happily watching people hoping in their boats on their way home to the little island. The food is beautiful, we had a mezze plate with a variety of dips, with scrumptious pizza like bread and oysters to start - the oysters tasted like they had just been taken out of the water they were so fresh. Dinner was so filling, we could have shared one between us. The service is excellent, and if you like water views, the view across Pittwater to Scotland Island is wonderful.

View from our table last night

And we love that outside there is a doggie water bowl under the sign for our four legged friends...

Geraniums at Waterfront Cafe