Flying Fox Cafe

It's nearly the end of our Ingleside housesit, and I don't know where the days have gone. By the time we get up, get the dogs breaky - toast and peanut butter - make the beds do the usual at home - go to dog beach, sit and have coffee watch the beautiful view, and the dogs playing - the day's almost over. The photo here with the bird of paradise flowers, is taken from Flying Fox Cafe.

Toby Peaches and Xena at Flying Fox Cafe

What a great spot Flying Fox Cafe is, not only because the Danes coffee is so good, but it's also dog friendly and if you have kids, on the other side of the cafe is a fabulous kids playground.

Love this picture of Toby near the Danes coffee sign. He's a bit reticent to get going of a morning, but once he is out and about, he loves his trips to the dog beach and to the coffee shop. Isn't Toby photogenic?

Wandering through the Flying Fox cafe today, someone was having a kids birthday party. Now I don't mind a piece of cake even when I'm not fancying a piece of cake - but today I was hungry after our walk - so imagine me spotting a rainbow cake in about 10 tiers cut in half laying there by itself on a kids party table... oh my goodness it looked yummy, it was all I could do to restrain myself from trying to get an invite to the party as I walked past. I'm still fancying a piece - can you tell?

I've searched high and low for an image of rainbow cake that looks as good as I saw today... the one below is from BBC Good Food... go there to find the recipe... oh and if you end up making it, invite me? I'm always good for a cupppa and a bit of cake ♥