Dog sitting - Fuzzy the poodle

This is Fuzzy we minded him for over a month while his dad and mum went overseas to Rodrigues. We had a great time all together, and were very sad to see him go back.

Message from Fuzzy...

Here I am snoozing again just before I had a nightmare! It was scary and Kaz said she had to wake me up and say, 'don't worry little fuzz'.

Hi mum and dad, kaz said I missed your phone call yesterday, sorry about that. Kaz says that you're having a good time. Gee wizz though, I have been so busy, there are all these new chewy things I have are just delicious.

Kaz said though, that chewing screen doors, and mosquito coils, is a bad idea. Why's that dad? Also she said that the pot plants aren't a good idea either.

Ah well, I have got my chicken basty strips so that's OK and Kaz goes and finds me a new one really quickly, in fact, as soon as I start chewing other things. I don't mind the mosquito coils tho, and they crunkle nicely in your mouth.

Ah I'm a funster dad...

Kaz says I have grown up heaps since you've been away too.

Love you and kiss mum for me. from fuzz

Rodrigues certainly looks beautiful, it is going on the 'to visit' list. Photo from Wikipedia

Boats at Rodrigues - photo by Annick Albert