A very Aussie Day

Is it just me or has January flown by? We are starting to get back into our routine and thinking about house sits for the year. With the humidity so high here in Port right now, we've been having some lazy days, and a little pottering in the garden. I've been doing a bit of much needed pot plant care, while Kevin restores some outdoor furniture. A little bit of journalling fills in my days, as well as long swims in the pool and walks on dog beach late in the day. It's a very Aussie start to the new year and we've had some gorgeous visitors that I thought I'd share here.

I so love it when the koalas make an appearance in the trees adjoining our yard. I can sit for hours watching their sleepy antics, them moving so quickly from branch to branch, reaching out to touch another koala's hand. I hope you enjoy sharing our view of them.

Hope you too got to have a good chew, and a snooze on Australia Day.