Pompeii and a visit with an old family yacht, Rival

Facebook does come in handy for some things, a friend posted something she had seen at The Pompeii exhibit, and I was glad she did as I wanted to visit that while we were in Sydney. So we headed off to Darling Harbour. The Maritime Museuem is really worth a visit if you have time, we were so impressed with the area.

The exhibit, as is all of the museum, very well curated. We were a little disappointed to see only a few actual treasures from Pompeii, but the way it was displayed, was excellent. We discovered that a lot of the items were plaster casts of the original. However still an excellent exhibit.

Amphora from Pompeii

Cooking pots with recipes, perhaps you'd like to try Duck with Turnips,

or Fish Liver Pudding.

Amazing to think that this glassware survived.

I don't go oo and ah over a lot of jewellery
however I wouldn't mind this coming to live at my house.

Water fountain heads - original.

Fell in love with this ancient metal box

A bit of artistic license with the sea monster we thought.

Pliny the Elder was featured for his philosophical messages.

Time to wander on and out to see if Kevin's grandfather's boat was still at The Maritime Museum...

The James Craig at Darling Harbour

We found out that the Historic Boats are at Wharf 7

so we wandered in, and there she was still sitting there.

Rival was in Kevin's family for many years. Rival is a 16' skiff built in 1928 by Harold Griffin at the Spit Middle Harbour, she sailed for more than 40 years at Middle Harbour Skiff club.

It held the record for the most wins in any season, and earned the title of 'ghost ship' for it's uncanny ability to overtake the rest of the fleet in light airs.

In her true home, on Middle Harbour.