The many faces of Luna Park

Be like a kid in an amusement park.
Enjoy the rides.
Eat the funnel cake.
Try everything at least once.
Do the rides you love AGAIN and AGAIN.
Beg for more.
Live it to the fullest. ~ Katja Presnal

With the board walk around Milson's Point shut due to renovations, a pathway has been redirected via Luna Park. Over the last few days, we have wandered through on our way around the harbour walk.

It has been fun to walk through, listen to the music playing and meet some of the characters that keep people waiting in lines happy.

"Did you know that you have a dog growing out of your belly?
the adorable Coco asked."

We could have talked with Coco for hours, what a character.

These characters had everyone in the crowd bopping along.

Some years ago I visited Luna Park for a Tango function in the Crystal Palace Ballroom. Except for that function, everything else was closed. So it has been great to wander through and see so many people enjoying themselves.

Inside Coney Island we found some photos of the many faces of Luna Park.

The 1935's Design


The 1950's Face - hmmm not sure what they were thinking with this one.

The 1960 Design by Art Barton

The 1973 Design by Martin Sharp - slightly maniacal?

2017 Face... come to think of it Coco, Kevin does look
like he has a dog growing out of his belly!