A house sit on Stradbroke Island

Right now we are house sitting in Cleveland, and as I write this, one of the dear little dogs we are minding, little Miss T, is sound asleep and snoring her little head off beside me. So cute and it's very funny to hear her, she sounds like a buzz saw. We decided to go on an adventure yesterday, and after our lovely day there, we've been thinking that a house sit on Stradbroke Island sounds like fun.

To get over to Stradbroke Island, you need to go by water, unless you have access to a helicopter that is. We decided to take the option to walk on the vehicle ferry, and make our way across to Stradbroke Island. We were so glad we did. So just in case, if you happen to be reading this and have a helicopter and would like to take us for a spin - it's our shout for ice coffees at Loaves and Fishes at The Point!!

Most of the tourists huddled onto the fast cat to take them across, we decided to enjoy the slow trip to make our way over. We had a lovely boat ride, and there is a cafe onboard - which was great as we'd left late and hoped on at lunchtime.

Gosh tugs amaze me with the loads they can move.

It's the middle of summer here at present and so hot. Not on the boat though, it was refreshing to sit in the shade and enjoy the sea breeze.

The silos near the wharf are for sand mining - which will be stopped in 2019?

We started to wander around Dunwich, and the park was a welcome reprieve from the heat.

The expansive trees provide shade and cool for local kids playing underneath,
not to mention we tourists.

It didn't take long walking in the heat, to realise that we wouldn't be walking far on foot that day.

We'd noticed a bus stop at the wharf, and decided to use the bus to explore the island.

The cute map of Straddie

The bus is an easy way to move around the island. And boy was our driver talented with his ability to manage tight turns at some of the stop offs. Glad I wasn't driving that bus. There were quite a few loud 'oooos and ahhhs' to be heard from overseas tourists, glimpsing the beautiful beaches we passed by.

Exploring The Point.

What a scene to discover, it reminded me of a postcard from an exotic location.

We are so lucky to have all this natural beauty in Australia to explore.

Given that this beach had a life saver on jetski out at the wave break moving back and forth along the wave...

and a rescue helicopter flying over head, we weren't sure if it was this beach they were talking about, or another further along.

What can I say... it was simply stunning. And to think I forgot to take my cosi.

Loved the bus we saw at the ticket office on our return journey.

I wonder what it's like to have a bus like this and travel around? It looks like so much fun.

With a while to wait for the boat, we started practicing our photography. I'd been reading Sat Nav and Cider blog. The blogger (she doesn't mention her name) talked about some exercises. Line, shape, form, texture. We'd done a similar course with a photographer friend of ours, and it reminded me to keep practicing.

Practicing line.

I kept hoping someone in yellow would come and mimic the little man on the ground - close but no cigar.

All loaded up and almost ready to go... great day, thank you Straddie - we love you. And Miss T is still snoring in her little bed.