In love with Venice

We decided to take the opportunity to visit Venice on our way to our house sit. It is one place I have wanted to visit for a long time, and and certainly didn't disappoint. Only trouble was, on the Lufthansa flight on our way into Venice, the flight attendant spilled boiling coffee onto Kevin and scalded him. The airline arranged for an ambulance to pick him up off the plane and we made a grand exit from the plane into emergency.

Feeling very frazzled as we make our way to our hotel... and it shows! Kevin was burned on his stomach, his leg and arm and was patched up with burn cream in emergency. I'd watched a lot of packing tips for travel prior to our journey, but nothing really prepares you for carrying not only your own bags but also those of your partner... and in the heat.

After leaving emergency there wasn't one person from the airline there to see if Kevin was OK. We were both really surprised with the lack of care for his welfare. While it was an accident, the lack of follow up after leaving the plane was appalling.

Even with the damage done, it was still so wonderful to take the water taxi into Venice. This city is truly amazing, the age, the buildings, so much to see. I thought the accident may have spoiled the visit we had so long waited for, but we were still excited and in awe of entering this beautiful town.

Passing by St Marco Square

Water taxi takes us as close as it can to our hotel

Some people warned us against going by water taxi, saying it is too expensive, and we nearly didn't take one. The cost for us to go from our hotel to the cruise line was 90 Euro. I thought it was well worth the little splurge... how many times do you visit Venice anyway?

I loved ducking under the bridges and driving along the canals, I could have stayed on this boat for hours.

It doesn't get much more Venetian than this photo

If you happen to be visiting Venice there is a dear little restaurant on the side of a canal not far from San Marco square. You can sit in the cool on cute tables while you watch gondoliers passing by serenading their passengers. It is called Ristorante Da Raffaele

Exhausted from the long flight but delighting in being in Venice.