Rocky's Blog

Hi family...

I hope you are having fun. I'm going really well - I've been very busy showing Kaz & Kev around. Yesterday I took them for a drive down to Paradise Point...

...where we had a lovely walk along the Broadwater.

and I made you this heart from flowers.

I had lots of great sniffs...

... and a play on the sand.

After my walk I had a lovely sit to cool down.
(PS... Kaz said she loves my hair colour.)

I slept well and I woke up to a really really rainy day.
Luckily I noticed a break in the weather,

and I'd thought that a play with my ball would be fun.
So I suggested we go for a walk to the park...

Sending you my love and I'll chat again very soon. Love Rocky.

PPS... Pumpkin said to tell you hi and that she stayed snuggled up inside today because of the rain.