Trick or Treat

Time for a giggle - Jeanne Robertson - 'Don't Trick or Treat without the right costume'

We're house sitting our own home at present while some renovations are going on. So exciting, the stairs that we've hummed and hawed about putting in, are well and truly underway. We seem to be in the flow with the renos, we've been so lucky to have the best gyp-rocker in town to do our work, and he's been able to put us onto some other great tradespeople. So while we're at home we decided to decorate for Halloween.

Making a spider and Halloween decorations out of old Christmas ornaments

We started with a few cobwebs at the front door with spiders and a bat, the kids visiting, loved it. Some of them even thanked us for decorating the house. Anyway, they inspired us to do some more decorating this year.

Candy in her Halloween outfit.

We're all ready and waiting for the trick or treat visitors.

So do drop by - we have eyeballs, frogs and rat's tails.

But BEWARE, you're in for a scare.