Beach This Way ☞

If there is a HEAVEN for me, I'm sure that it'll have a BEACH attached to it. ~ Jimmy Buffett.

We adore the beach, and high on our list for where we take a housesitting job, is that the area we house sit in, is near the beach. So when we were out driving the other day and spotted a sign that said 'beach, this way →' we (a tad excitedly) drove out of our way for awhile in search of said beach.

Past a rather immense trash collection station, that had a fairly major circling radar on the top of the roof. We wondered why it was so large, and why a trash recycling station needed a radar anyway, and, why our Navman stopped working in that area. So we made up stories about Men In Black, and entrance/exit facilities, (much more fun than the local airport approach radar version) and had a bit of a giggle while following the roadway that promised us a new walking place.

Hmmm... a little disappointed, but nothing like the poor little two year old we spotted, shovel and spade in hand ready for some big time sandcastling. Poor little guy. Oh well - we had a good giggle on the way and after all - thems the breaks with travel.