A touch of whimsy and a UFO sighting

Muggles the pusskin we are minding on our Glebe housesit

What I love about housesitting is that I get to go walking for hours exploring new areas. Finding a garden tended by someone who really loves their home, or a pretty bicycle leaning on a fence, a piece of street art, little sculptures in gardens, it all makes to make my day.

I do love to see a bit of whimsy on my walks

Lots of love in this garden in Glebe

Re-purposed trampoline now a patio cover... how clever -
would you have thought of this? I wouldn't have in a million years.

Even the drains are interesting here

Loved the colour of this bicycle -

and this one too...

Discovered this this trompe l'oeil in a backstreet

And possibly the closest I'll ever come to a UFO

Well time to head off for coffee